ETREFORT was born in Switzerland with one goal:

to revolutionize the feeling of movement.

It's all based on a radical idea. If you move, you overcome obstacles.

We call it: Strong to be useful.

[ être fort, french] state of mind

«Being strong» starts with you.
The feeling of inner strength,mental strength, a resilient attitude – there are many names.
Being strong is the ability to deal with any situation in life and
that you are willing to take on whatever comes your way.

The story starts in Switzerland

From small beginnings in Münsingen (Bern), Switzerland, ETREFORT set out in 2012 with a big ambition: to change the world of parkour with the most comfortable pants. In the ten years since, ETREFORT has been embraced into the hearts, and into People all over the world, of more than thousands People who move in over 50 countries. And there's no sign of slowing down...

Friends with one mission

Roger Widmer and Felix Stöckli founded ETREFORT back in 2009. The motivation was to make the best Parkour pants, creating every detail from scratch. As Parkour pioneers, they had a great passion for the versatile art of movement and knew exactly what kind of details and extras the pants required.

Dozens of prototypes were developed, but the basic concept – comfortable fabrics, technical features, freedom for movement – remained paramount throughout. Together Roger and Felix formally established ETREFORT in Bern in March 2012. Their mission to develop the perfect parkour pants fully designed in Switzerland using the best quality picked up place.

It was this unique movement sensation that convinced Pierre Biege to come on board in 2018 as well. Together with Roger and Felix, they decided to focus on a strong, useful and sustainable brand and bring freedom of movement into people's everyday lives.


10 years later, we know exactly what matters, what makes the most comfortable pants in the world. You can buy ETREFORT pants all over the world. We continue to work on our mission to bring adventure into the lives of our customers. From the perfect parkour baggy pants, we've evolved to offer stretch jeans, stretch chinos, shorts and more useful products.

ETREFORT products move people all over the world. People who go out. People who experience their own adventures instead of sitting in front of the TV. This is exactly what makes our pants just as useful for many other types of movement and ways of life. Because if pants withstand the rigours of the intense parkour sport, you can do just about anything with them.

«être fort» – being strong has been in our minds for a long time. Since, the team has grown, but we continue to share the vision and transform it into our products: strong – useful – sustainable.

Our Team

CEO & Marketing

Pierre Biege


CAO & Distribution

Corinne Lauber


Roger Widmer


Felix Stöckli